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Programme for 2017 to 2018 season

We normally meet at Baptist Hall on Thursdays at 7:30pm.Sometimes we visit other locations/other times and this is noted in the list below: Click here for a downloadable PDF version to print


13th  Landscape and Special Interest Group

Landscape and Special Interest Group at Tring Park. Contact for details Chris Gregory.


21st  1st night of new season & Welcome Evening

Welcome evening for our 2017/18 season for members old and new, which is also our first night at our new venue of Tring High Street Baptist Church.  Our plans for tonight include a light hearted landscape photo contest where we challenge you to spot the difference between images taken by club members vs award winning professional photographers?   Ben Coyte will also provide an introduction to competitions in 2017/18 plus Steven Slater will introduce "Images from October".  Finally there will be presentation of the corrected prizes from the 2016-17 Competitions.

28th  "Confessions of a Landscape Photographer" by Paul Mitchell

This evening we welcome Paul Mitchell a noted and successful Landscape Photographer who won the Sunday Times Choice Award in 2013. Paul will provide an illustrated talk about how he researches and plans ahead before going on his landscape photography trips at different locations (coast, woodland etc.). He will also give us an insight as to what techniques he uses when composing landscapes and the type of landscape images he would make under varying weather conditions. He will also cover the type of software apps, filters and equipment he uses.



5th   An evening of "Light" in many forms

Tonight it is all about Light!  We are hoping for a fine night as the plan is to capture Light Trails plus explore the world of Light Painting in the High Street and then back in the hall explore the world of Bokeh.  So please grab your camera and tripod and come along.  With the sun setting at 18:29 it will be dark, thus don't forget your torch as well!

12th  "15 Minute" Variety Night

Tonight we have a wonderfully varied evening planned where 6 members have volunteered to providing us with brief talks around a camera/photographic related topic.  Your presenting team will be:- (i) Ben Coyte (ii) Steve Slater (iii) Eric Dodman (iv) Richard Storey (iv) Peter Cox & (vi) Steven Murphy.  The topics are wonderfully diverse embracing the world of Ansel Adams, "my journey from full auto to manual",  places to head for in Herts & Bucks, photographing reptiles, photo editing software plus home printing. Each will have 15 minuets, including time for questions, so it should prove a fast paced evening.

15th  Sunday Fungus Foray @ Dancers End

Sunday afternoon fungus foray, with cameras, at Dancers End Nature Reserve, Tring.  Your hosts for the afternoon are Mick Jones (warden of the reserve), Nick Bowles & Peter Cox.  Mick will guide us to the best spots and share his considerable knowledge.  Peter will be working with Mick overnight, the previous night, to catch some of the fascinating examples of moths to be found in this site (the location is home to the largest number of moth species in UK).  Peter’s wife will be providing a cream tea.  Cost will be £10 per head – all money will go to the Nature Reserve funds.    Space are limited -  to book please send an email to Peter Cox.

19th  'Scapes Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "To capture spaces within the world. The image should depict a wide vista, (City, Sea, Sky etc.)"

22nd    Sunday Woburn Deer Trip

For the 2nd year we are off early on this Sunday morning to Woburn to capture their deer rutting season.  Cost = £15 (contribution also being provided by the club).   To book please email Peter Cox

26th    "Tonight you are the Judge!"

Tonight we are aiming for a fun night where we are asking members to volunteer to sit as judges in a digital photo exhibition.  You will not be alone, as the judges will sit in teams and these will circulate during the evening to try and give everyone who wants to the opportunity to participate.  In order to provide challenge our plan is not to just include high quality images, but also have some images that could have been taken or processed better!". Femke will also kick off the session exploring "You are the judge, but what should I look for?"


2nd      Creative Photography plus Park Street Landscape Competition

In the first part of tonight Mike Perry will take us through some of the mystique around creative photography and creative processing  (what is it / how can we discover our own creativity etc.).  Steve Murphy will also introduce members to the Creative Image Processing challenge to be held in February


In the 2nd part of this evening Peter Cox & Steve Slater will provide us with an update on the Park Street Landscape Competition

9th      The Art of Wildlife by Bob Brindsurch

Tonight we welcome Bob Brindsurch and his presentation on the Art of Wildlife. In his talk Bob will share his experiences, explore the lessons he has learnt, the mistakes he has made and the options available to the aspiring wildlife photographer. He will pay particular attention to the opportunities provided by modern digital cameras and equipment but also consider the importance of good field craft and observation.

His website is at:-

16th    Living Things Print Competition

Competition brief:- "As long as it’s alive it’s in"

19th    Sunday at Ashridge

Head for Ashridge today for "Trees, Leaves, Fungi and more".   Meet 09.00 hrs at the car park by Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge.  The Brownlow cafe should also be open from 08.00 hrs for a coffee and bacon sandwich!

23rd    Images from October plus Montages

At our opening night of the new programme (21st Sept) Steven Slater will be asking members to organise themselves into small teams to take images during the month of October.  Tonight those images will be digitally presented. As for subjects, the world is your oyster and we hope to see some stunning images on a wide range of ideas. There are no restrictions other than we are simply limiting the time to when the photograph was taken


The 2nd part of the evening is all about Montages, where the aim is to help provide some guidance for the Exhibition in March.  This will be led by Femke & Peter


30th    "Tiny and Big" Print Exhibition Evening

Tonight we run our first Exhibition of the year where the brief simply says:- "The image needs to juxtapose between object(s) size"


7th     Camera Craft Evening ~ Tring Xmas Lights

Tonight we hit Tring High Street with the aim of capturing the spirit of Xmas.  It is then back to the hall for mulled wine & mince pies.  Your best shots should later please be uploaded to Club's Flickr page please for all to view

14th    Xmas Social

Tonight is our Xmas bash at the Kings Arms, Tring.

Christmas Break
January 2018

11th    Welcome to 2018, Mobile phone image challenge plus helping hands evening

Tonight we kick off 2018 with a light hearted photo challenge between images taken on a camera phone and those taken on DSLR cameras.  Also if you have any money left over from Xmas then we have a few ideas on accessories for your mobile.  After tea, we will break into groups of specific camera makes to chat on any challenges you might be having/talk about lenses etc. Please do bring your cameras and any manuals etc.

18th    Windows Frames and Doors Print Competition

Competition brief:- "The picture needs to show the use of a frame or framing. The frames can be traditional doors windows etc. or be part of the natural world using trees animals. Be as imaginative as you can"

25th    What do you do with your Images?

After you have taken your images what do you do with them?  Tonight we kick off with Steve Slater exploring how to make money by selling images to stock libraries.  Maddie Herring with then explore some creative ways to use your photographs including entering them into online competitions, use of social media through to just getting them printed to stick on your wall. Sarah Murrell will also bring along a selection of the cards she has been selling at local fairs, where over an extended tea break she will be happy to answer questions you may have.


In the 2nd Part of the evening Femke & Ben will take a look ahead at the 2018-19 Competitions


1st    Creative Image Processing

Tonight is a fun evening all about seeing how far you can push the creative processing of an image.  Prior to Xmas members will be provided with a digital image and set the challenge of digitally processing it in any way they might want to.  The processed digital image must be then be submitted to the club by 18th January together with a full note of what has been done to the image.  Tonight we will then compare your digital image against the original.  To add a bit of spice more than one of you might get the same image!

8th     Off-Camera Flash by Ross McKelvey

Tonight we have a treat for you with our speaker  Ross McKelvey who is travelling all the way from Belfast to be with us tonight.   Barry heard him speak at the NEC Camera Show and said "this guy is awesome…". Ross will be taking us through a demonstration of Off-Camera Flash and in particular 'how and why' it is best to take the flash out of the hot-shoe, plus how quality pictures can be taken with minimal equipment.  It should be fascinating

15th    Isolation Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "Less is more! Show an object set against a simple background"

17th    Chairman's Workshop

The Basics Workshop covering management of light (Exposure) and other controls that can be useful.  To book your place please contact Peter Cox.  Location = Peter's house.  Time:- 13.30 hrs -->17.00 hrs

22nd    Film Night ~ "Finding Vivian Maier"

Tonight we head to Hollywood for an Academy Award nominated documentary that takes a look into the life and work of former nanny Vivian Maier whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs has earned her a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished street photographers ever. The film has been described by the Independent as a "tantalising and utterly fascinating film".  To add to the atmosphere popcorn will be served!


1st      "Cancelled due to Snow"

8th     "I Shoot People" by Dave Mason

Tonight we welcome Dave Mason a street photographer who takes great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on the city streets. The title of his talk is enough in itself to grab attention but it is not literal and  the type of images he produces aims to have an honesty about them, captured in camera with little, if any, post-processing.

His website is at

11th    Weekend Event

Sunday afternoon out & about with cameras< Collage Lake, Bulborne Tring HP23 5QD.

Today we have another weekend out & about's with your camera at Collage Lake,. We will meet at 09:30 by the Warden to provide an introduction as to what wildlife can be seen around the site that particular time. There is no charge but donations to BBOWT will be very welcome.

15th    Montage Print Exhibition Evening

Tonight is our 2nd exhibition evening where your challenge is to present a montage of images, i.e."a group of images mounted together that tell a story or share a common theme".   If you want to know more about this challenge then on 23rd November 2017 Femke & Peter will be taking us through some ideas


The Photography Show at NEC Birmingham

22nd    Night Photography at Berkhamsted's Rectory Lane Cemetery

Tonight we have something unusual ~ night time photography in a cemetery!  The Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted has received Heritage Lottery Funding to transform the cemetery over the next 3 years by way of restoring heritage features and creating a new community space.  This evening we will be met by the Cemetery's Community Engagement Officer and hopefully this will be the first of a few activities that we share.   Please gather at 19.30 hrs at the main gate of Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted (just off the High Street, near St Peter's Church). Please bring cameras, tripods, torches and any other form of lighting you might have/think about.  Afterwards we will be asking you to share your best pictures

Easter Break


5th     Update on Tring 700 project plus 15 minute member presentations

The evening starts with Mike Perry, Mike Bass and Steve Kitchener making a presentation on the Club’s Community Archive Project (the Tring 700 Project) that started in 2015. The five hard copy Community Archive Albums will be on view for members together with an update on what has been a remarkable achievement for the Club.    Looking forward members will also be invited to voluntarily engage with the continuing project.

In the 2nd part we have some further 15 minute presentations from members including:-  (i)  Ben Coyte on ""All you ever wanted to know about how your sensor size can affect your photography" & (ii) Steven Slater on "managing Lightroom collections".


7th     Chairman's Workshop

Advanced Workshop covering why and how to move to using RAW, using a histogram to improve light management & including tips for successful use of HDR. To book your place please contact Peter Cox.  Location = Peter's house.  Time:- 13.30 hrs -->17.00 hrs

12th    Green & Re(a)d Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "The image must include or refer to both Green and Red/Read"

19th    "The Experience of Creating Images" by Vanda Ralevska

Tonight we welcome Vanda Ralevska, a London Photographer whose images have been published in magazines, exhibited in the UK and abroad plus has received awards in international competitions.  Vanda will focus on photography as a journey and experience of connecting with the surrounding world. Appreciating and making the most of whatever place, time and location you are in. Finding the extraordinary beauty that exists within everyday things, and looking beyond the obvious.

Her website is at:-

26th    Out & About

Out & About with cameras in Tring Park followed by coffee at Baptist Hall.   Meet from 19.15 hrs at foot of pedestrian bridge in Tring Park (near to Museum)


3th     Time Print Competition

Competition brief:- "The image must represent the passage of time. It can be a time lapse exposure, a long exposure or timepieces. It’s up to you"

10th    "How to cheat at Photography" by Steven Galvin

This provocatively entitled talk allows Steven to confess his sordid kiss and tell secrets, demonstrate various techniques on how to unfairly manipulate images.  Expect a lively forum as we debate the ethics of how far to go in photo manipulation

17th    AGM  & Prize Giving

Tonight will be our club's AGM plus our Competition prizes will be awarded

20th    Weekend Event

Sunday morning ramble with cameras at Rickmansworth Aquadrome,  WD3 1NB.  This is a 41 hectare public park and local nature reserve in Rickmansworth which is home to a wide variety of wildlife, activities, wooded walks, lakes plus also has a cafe for that bacon sandwich!

24th    End of season bash

Black Horse, Frogmore Street, Tring 19:30hrs. Bookings please to Programme Secretary.

Please note that all these are subject to change – we try to find a balance between planning ahead and being flexible to meet needs expressed by members. We may also add events at weekends or other evenings.  

We normally meet 7:30pm. Thursday evenings (Sept to May)

Baptist Hall, High Street, Tring HP23 4BA


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