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Competition Subjects

19th October 2017 'Scapes Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "To capture spaces within the world. The image should depict a wide vista, (City, Sea, Sky etc.)"

16th November 2017  Living Things Print Competition

Competition brief:- "As long as it’s alive it’s in"

30th November 2017   Tiny and Big Exhibition

Brief:- "The image needs to juxtapose between object(s) size"

18th January 2017 Windows Frames and Doors Print Competition

Competition brief:- "The picture needs to show the use of a frame or framing. The frames can be traditional doors windows etc. or be part of the natural world using trees animals. Be as imaginative as you can"

15th Feb 2018 Isolation Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "Less is more! Show an object set against a simple background"

15th March 2018  Montage Exhibition

Brief:- "A group of images mounted together that tell a story or share a common theme"

12th April 2018  Green & Re(a)d Digital Competition

Competition brief:- "The image must include or refer to both Green and Red/Read"

3th  May 2018   Time Print Competition

Competition brief:- "The image must represent the passage of time. It can be a time laps exposure, a long exposure or timepieces. It’s up to you"

We normally meet 7:30pm. Thursday evenings (Sept to May)

Baptist Hall, High Street, Tring HP23 4BA


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