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Programme for 2018 to 2019 season

We normally meet at Baptist Hall on Thursdays at 7:30pm.Sometimes we visit other locations/other times and this is noted in the list below: Click here for a downloadable PDF version to print


20 September 2018

First half - General welcome, competitions introduction for the coming season & briefing on exhibition in Berkhamsted.

Second Half - Overview of 2018/19 programme and image evaluation.

The first half will be the general introduction to members (new and returning) plus any announcements. In addition there will be a briefing on the competitions for this season and the plans for the exhibition in Berkhamsted in March 2019The second half will a short presentation on the programme for this year and evaluation of a number of images from club members.

27 September 2018

1st Half - Presentation - A Lady in Fleet Street 2nd Half - Images from Summer Project inspired by Simon Turnbull.

1st half - a presentation by Deborah Brady who worked her way to become the picture editor of a leading national daily newspaper. She will speak for about an hour and bring along many of the items she used during her time in Fleet Street photographic career.

2nd half - Images taken by members during the summer project


4 October 2018

Learning - an evening led by Peter Cox, supported by other members, explaining the various options available for learning about photography in its broadest sense

This will contain an overview of the many learning opportunities available and put in context the learning theme for the year. Peter will introduce other members whom will all have the same brief: Why did I choose this learning opportunity and What did I learn from it…." Various members will talk about their experience of: Workshop / Photocrowd / MeetUP / LRPS / A Project / etc

7 October 2018

Dancers end - Macro Photography.

Our first weekend day out at a local venue.

11 October 2018

Presentation "What Judges are Looking For" - Julia Cleaver

The first half of the evening is a presentation outlining the key areas to consider when entering a competition.

The second half is more interactive. Members will be encouraged to make constructive observations/comments on images based upon the first half of the evening. Members can also bring along examples of their own for comment.

18 October 2018

Competition 1 - Scapes with a twist - Print

Competition 1 - Scapes with a twist - Print

25 October 2018

3-way competition.

This is an inter-club competition with a difference. We will welcome members from Hemel Hempstead and Chesham Camera Clubs and spend the evening trying to match images each of which will have their own idiosyncrasies. This should be a really good fun evening.


1 November 2018

Presentation - Daniel Bridge - Macro

This talk will look at equipment, use of flash, techniques and will be very interactive so questions and comments are very much encouraged. There is an emphasis on not having to spend too much, if anything, to get a decent close up image on a variety of subjects.

8 November 2018

1st half - Club member presentations and update on Berkhamsted exhibition.

2nd half - Park Street competition de-brief.

1st Half - A presentation by Steve Murphy and Sarah on using drones in photography followed by an update on the Berkhamsted exhibition. Lastly there will be quick briefs ahead of Amersham night out and club exhibition on 6th December.

2nd Half - Park Street competition de-brief

15 November 2018

Competition 2 - "3" or "Three" - Digital

22 November 2018

Presentation - Sarah Kelman - 10,000 miles of ocean

In November 2012, Sarah Kelman and her family embarked on their vintage yacht, to participate in the Panerai Transat Classique, a race for similar vessels, from Portugal to Barbados. Having completed the transatlantic event, they cruised onwards through the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Sarah will share with us their experiences of life at sea, illustrated by her photographic record of the people and wildlife encountered, both on and under the ocean

29 November 2018

1st Half – Competition subjects for 2019 Announced.

2nd Half – How we selected for 3-way Comp plus Xmas ideas…

First Half - Competition Team will announce the subjects for the 2019 season of competitions so you can start planning and building stock.  We will then review a few of the subjects and discuss different approaches and the advantages of early planning.

Second Half - We’ll share the planning, strategy and selection process for how we approached the 3 way competition – and discuss learnings for the future. To end the evening, Suzanne will then help us think about how we can use our photographic skills for preparing super Christmas presents.


6 December 2018

Competition 3 - Favourite Photo - Exhibition - Print

13 December 2018

Xmas Social

The Greyhound Wigginton

Christmas Break
January 2019

10 January 2019

First half - Briefing on competition on 14th Feb, Briefing on the Berkhamsted Exhibition

Second Half - Gather in groups.

Reminders for the second half of the season.

17 January 2019

Presentation - Paul Mitchell - The Seeing Eye

Paul talks about looking beyond the obvious and includes exploring details, textures and shapes found in both nature and man-made objects. He will explain various creative techniques such as intentional camera movement multiple exposures through to the use of creative lenses and filters.

24 January 2019

1st Half - Mounting Prints presentation by All About Framing

2nd Half - Selections and Healing tools in Photoshop


The first half presentation will cover how to match colours and tones, basics of mount cutting and how to make a great quality frame on a budget. The second half will include a presentation by Mike on the use and effects of colour filters and a presentation by Sarah, Steve and Steven on how the images for the 3-way competition were selected.

31 January 2019

Abstract workshop

Event Cancelled


7 February 2019

Printing with Confidence –

A presentation from David Lowe, an ambassador for Permajet Paper.


In this presentation, David will cover basics of colour management, why and how to calibrate your monitor, choosing your paper and profiling your chosen paper. David will bring along equipment to include practical demonstrations to explain the subject.

14 February 2019

Competition 4 - Love - Print

21 February 2019

Abstract Workshop

A practical evening to help members prepare for the competition in March

28 February 2019

Macro Workshop

A practical workshop to help members prepare for the competition in early May


7 March 2019

Presentation - Basics of Digital Audio-Visual - Les Spitz

Workshop explaining the making of digital AV with examples of techniques used and the finished product.

14 March 2019

Competition 5 - Abstract - Digital

18-30 March 2019

Club exhibition at Upstairs Gallery, Berkhamsted

21 March 2019

First half - My best 3 2018 images

Second Half - Presentation on Judging by Peter

First half - club members will be invited to show their 3 favourite images taken any time in 2018.

Second half - Peter will give a presentation on his recent successful training and assessment to become a judge for photographic competitions

28 March 2019

Presentation - Peter Greenway - Photographing for the National Trust - Trials and Tribulations

The presentation looks at how they use images for marketing, social media and printed documents the messages they want to deliver. The images shown are mainly from Waddesdon Manor, Chastleton House and Ashdown House


4 April 2019

1st half - Processing skills and changes to the club constitution

2nd half - Creative Image Processing

1st half - Short presentations on Focus Stacking and proposed changes to the club constitution ahead of the AGM on 16th May

2nd half - Pairs of people will be given images to process and present the results - Pairs of people will be given images to process and present the results


11 April 2019

Competition 6 - Reflections and Silhouettes - Print

Easter Break

25 April 2019

Evening out at Ivinghoe Beacon


2 May 2019

Competition 7 - Macro - Digital

5 May 2019

Possible Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

9 May 2019

Presentation - Rachael Talibart - Fine Art

Rachael is an award winning photographer having won prizes and commendations in Landscape Photographer of the Year competitions. Her portfolios can be seen at

16 May 2019

AGM & Prize Giving

23 May 2019

End of season bash.

Please note that all these are subject to change – we try to find a balance between planning ahead and being flexible to meet needs expressed by members. We may also add events at weekends or other evenings.  

We normally meet 7:30pm. Thursday evenings (Sept to May)

Baptist Hall, High Street, Tring HP23 4BA


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