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Programme for 2020 to 2021 season

Meetings on Zoom @ 7:30pm

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24 September 2020

General welcome

Challenge 3 Review

Introduction to new TDCC Information Centre

Introduction for the coming season & briefing on competitions and the 2020 - 2021 programme.

Review of the Lock-down Challenge set over the Summer. Peter & Alvin will introduce us to an exciting new club facility. This will provide a one stop shop for members to access all the information that supports membership and enjoyment of the club


1 October 2020

Speaker 1: Peter Cox

Introduction to Photography as Art

Elements of Art and Principles of Art..Presentation on curves/ patterns/ lines (competition on 4th February)

8 October 2020

Examples of Photography as Art

Why I Love my Camera

Peter Cox leads a session where members can illustrate their understanding about “Photography as Art”.

Members talk about the merits of their individual cameras

15 October 2020

Competition 1

B&W Landscapes - Digital

Judged by Peter Cox

Entry Deadline: Thursday 1st October

22 October 2020

Speaker 2: Damon Guy

Abstracts, Pattern and Art in your Eyes. Damon Guy talks about the 7 Elements of Art

29 October 2020

Workshop 1

Curves, Patterns and Lines

An evening to ready the members for the February competition


05 November 2020

Speaker 3: Alex Nail A Passion for Adventure

Alex Nail discusses his backpacking adventures in the Nordic regions of Greenland, Iceland and Norway and shares insights into all aspects of his photographic process, from planning, to composition, to editing.

06 November 2020

Visit to Burnham Beeches

A trip to this beautiful woodland with Autumn Colours - Peter Cox, Ros Alcock and Sarah Murrell will be organising small groups.

12 November 2020

Competition 2

Open Competition - Digital

Judged by David Hipperson

Entry Deadline: Thursday 29th October

19 November 2020

Speaker 4: Gary Nicholls

The Imaginarium

"Reality is for people without Imagination". Inspiring the audience to try new ideas and ignore convention in creating a personal project using the camera as a tool to create images from imagination to realisation. Gary illustrates his talk using examples from his fantastic creation "The Imaginarium".

26 November 2020

Park Street de-brief

Fixing Photos - Camera Craft

Finding out how we did in this year’s competition from September 2020 Topics about general camera craft


03 December 2020

Competition 3

Forest, Woodlands & Trees - Digital

Judged by Michael Laurie

Entry Deadline: Thursday 19th November

10 December 2020

Speaker 5: Thomas Peck

The Photographic Sublime

Photojournalist Thomas Peck shows how the traditions of the Sublime influenced early landscape photographers through to the modern day.

17 December 2020

Christmas Quiz Evening A fun event for the club, whichever way we can manage.

Xmas Break

07 January 2021

Intro evening

Review of Challenge 4

14 January 2021

Workshop 2

Splish, Splash, Plop

Water based workshop involving paint, water and honey!!

Ideas for the My Creation Competition (March 2021)

21 January 2021

Speaker 6: AnthonyZ Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Antony Zacharius, an award winning photographer, will be giving us his insight into mastering Long Exposure Photography, how you can push your camera to the limits and overcome many of the obstacles.

28 January 2021

Speaker 7: Glenys Garnett

Glenys will share a number of creative techniques with us, her ethos is to use the camera as a starting point for the creative process.


04 February 2021

Competition 4

Curves, Patterns and Lines - Digital

Judged by TBA

Entry Deadline: Thursday 21st January

11 February 2021

3-Way Competition Another evening of friendly rivalry with clubs

18 February 2021

Speaker 7: Tim Jones Print Managament and Creativity

Tim Jones from Fotospeed will be talking about the basics of Print Management, and creative printing techniques he has used for his MA in Photography.

25 February 2021

Multi Room Zoom Session

Members will have the opportunity to visit a different “room” to suit their interests: proposal: Post Processing Techniques within different Programs .TBC


04 March 2021

Competition 5

My Creation - Print*

Judged by Julia Cleaver

Entry Deadline: Sunday 28th February

11 March 2021

Workshop 3


Another exciting workshop organised by Femke and her team

18 March 2021

Speaker 9: Ann Miles

A Passion for Nature

Ann will talk about the Natural World from a pictorial photographer's angle. Although there will be lots of close-up and sharp images of birds, insects, mammals and flowers, she will also include more atmospheric and abstract shots. Discover how the choice of background, aperture and lighting conditions can make all the difference in nature as with other types of photography

Easter Break (2 weeks)


08 April 2021

Competition 6

Dreaming - Digital

Judged by Martin Patten

Entry Deadline: Thursday 25th March

15 April 2021

Speaker 8: Micki Aston

The Art of Mono

A print presentation on "what makes an image work and what judges are looking for in competition entries.

22 April 2021

Outdoor event

29 April 2021



06 May 2021

Speaker 9

Charlie Waite

13 May 2021

Member Sharing Event Members share images

20 May 2021


Please note that all these are subject to change – we try to find a balance between planning ahead and being flexible to meet needs expressed by members. We may also add events at weekends or other evenings.  

We normally meet 7:30pm. Thursday evenings (Sept to May)

Baptist Hall, High Street, Tring HP23 4BA


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